ChemKits™ contain 80 truly diverse yet minimally substituted reactive building blocks weighed into a convenient 96 well plate format for robotic library synthesis.

Each reactive building block has been sympathetically selected to survey a wide area of chemical space to maximise SAR data from your new library.

Each of functionality-based kit contains a 0.1mMol quantity with a minimum 95% purity as standard. Each pre-selected compound is detailed and located in the appropriate logic grid supplied.

The functional groups for each kit have been selected to provide a handle for a range of modern library reaction techniques.

Functionalities include:

Download ACK200

Download ACK100

Boronic acids
Download ACK300

Carboxylic acids
Download ACK400
Download ACK401
Download ACK402

There are currently no Chemkits listed under that group

Conveniently available “off the shelf” the Atlantic ChemKit™ allows the synthetic chemist to begin library production upon delivery without the need to source multiple building blocks.

Enhance the SAR of subsequent libraries by utilising Atlantic Research’s custom weighing services, you can pre-select any compound from the entire Atlantic catalogue collection and have these supplied in the format required.

For further details about Atlantic ChemKits™ please contact: [email protected]

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